On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

11 April 1820 Birth of Aaron Stern, pioneer missionary explorer and founder of the Hebrew Christian Alliance #otdimjh


Henry Aaron Stern was born in Unterreichenbach, near Gelnhausen. He was an Anglican missionary and captive for four years in Abyssinia.

He was the youngest son of Aaron Stern, a Jew, and Hannah his wife. He was born in the Duchy of Hessen-Kassel. He received his education at a school in Frankfurt, to which place his parents had removed when he was young. His father destined him for the medical profession, but, at his son’s special request, sent him when seventeen years old to Hamburg to be trained for a commercial life.

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In 1839 Stern received the offer of a good appointment in London, but the firm failed, and he found himself unsuccessful in obtaining employment. While in London he was taken to the Palestine Place chapel, where, through the influence of Dr…

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