Don’t Be So Ready To Leave This World Behind

Samaritan's Song

“Well, let me just tell you all that I am tired.  I am tired of this broken-down sinful old world and all I want to do – all I want to do – is forget this place and leave it behind and go to see Jesus, amen?”

I have heard this sentiment voiced from many different Christians in many different ways as the years have gone by.  But I can never bring myself to say “amen.”

It’s not that I don’t sometimes grow tired of the world.  I do.  As I grow older, especially, as I see more of death and suffering and more of sorrow, I do.  I understand the impulse that makes believers want to throw up their hands, give up on this place and everything wrong with it, and count the days until they get to leave it behind for good.

I understand it.  But I…

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