This is the article that appeared in Scotland on Sunday – It is interesting that many people who are not Christians agreed.  Also interesting that SOS described me as ‘having a reputation for making controversial statements’!  Who says?  Who determines what is controversial?  I guess in todays culture teaching the Bible is controversial.

It was also interesting that Stonewall just came up with the usual ‘misinformed’ jibe.  Perhaps next time Stonewall could actually say what was wrong with my statements and give us some facts, and not just the usual glib emotive soundbites?

Gender law plan ‘recipe for child abuse’ says church leader

Scotland on Sunday 10 Apr 2016

A church leader has stoked controversy after comparing plans to reform gender recognition legislation to child abuse.

In an attack on First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and LGBTI campaigners, the moderator of the Free Church of Scotland warned that Scotland’s teachers will…

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