Using “Modern Theological German” in Logos


51olHhTFKGL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Along with Frau Meier und ihr Briefträger, biblical and theological PhD hopefuls know well Helmut Ziefle’s Modern Theological German: A Reader and Dictionary. Ziefle’s work provides a natural segue from acquiring the language through grammars such as April Wilson’s Learn German Quickly or Hubert Jannach and Richard Alan Korb’s German for Reading Knowledge to the rudimentary ability to translate a passage. What better way to develop a biblical or theological student’s ability to read German than introducing her to familiar excerpts from the Bible and famous theologians? Ziefle’s reader does just that.

As a reader, Modern Theological German curates individual texts and supplies novice readers with definitions to terms or idiomatic phrases they have yet to encounter. At the conclusion of each excerpt, Ziefle tests the translator’s reading comprehension and understanding of grammar with multiple choice questions and sentence translations. Included in the back of the volume is an answer…

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