Cast All Your Cares Upon God; for He Cares For You

Rus Alan

старец молится

A few weeks ago my family and I entered a phase in our lives where our faith had to be tested. As thoughts of all sorts crept in to my mind, I felt the Lord speaking these words to me: “Pray about everything and fear nothing.” Over the next couple of days, He showed me different things about prayer versus fear. Every time I would run to Jesus, worship Him or support my wife with words of trust in Him; I witnessed how faithful He is to us. He showed me that in every case, no matter how great or important or how small or insignificant the fear was; the solution was always to pray or worship Him.

What I also noticed is, that sometimes I became afraid by focusing on our circumstances. The more I focused on the problem, the more fearful I became. Albeit, when choosing to keep…

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