Do You Have a Favorite Sin? (Thomas Watson)

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I never thought I would be the type to have a nickname for my wife. But one of my favorite names for her is “darling.” It’s a word that sums up my affections for her. She truly is my beloved and favorite person.

In his chapter on indulging sins, Thomas Watson addresses special sins that believers tend to love more. He calls them “beloved sins.” (Found on pp. 148-150).

A beloved sin: “There is usually one sin that is the favourite, the sin which the heart is most fond of. A beloved sin lies in a man’s bosom…”

“A godly man will not indulge a darling sin: ‘I kept myself from mine iniquity’ (Psa. 18:23)…. A godly man fights this king sin. The oracles of Apollo answered the people of Cyrrha that if they would live in peace among themselves, they must make continual…

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