Ghosts of Point Pleasant

The Night Run

BRIDGE-DISASTER-Plaq  A less structured, impressionistic post for you today, covering several of my trips to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and surrounding environs.

Roughly a mile upriver of Point Pleasant, and on the Ohio side of —you guessed it—the Ohio River, is a quiet nook easily missed unless you’re looking for it. A green-lawned patch, replete with picnic tables, shelters, and a timeless air common to most memorials. This cozy stasis belies a grim reality symbolized by artifacts languishing there.

The commemorative plaque tells the story, and the concrete-anchored eye-bar shows it.


Number 13, determined already to have been weakened by a hairline fracture, gave way around 5:00 PM on the icy evening of 15 December 1967 . . . and took the Silver Bridge, plus those crossing it, into black water and blacker death.


Where once stretched a symbol of progress, flashy and enduring, stands now empty space edged by…

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