Christians Should not Vote for Regressive Greens – Free Church Press Release

Green party leaflet nwb

Christians should not vote for the ‘regressive’ Scottish Green Party unless they amend their controversial proposals to legalise abortion on demand in Scotland, the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland has said.

Earlier this week the Greens launched their manifesto for the Holyrood election, which stated that they “will push for abortion to be removed from the criminal justice system”.

But in a stark rebuke, Rev David Robertson said it demonstrated that the Greens “cared more about plants than people” adding

“I do not see how any Christian can in good conscience vote for a party which is insisting on such extremist anti-human life measures”.

According to the last census, 54 per cent of the population of Scotland stated their religion as Christian.

The Moderator said: “Sadly it seems as though the Greens are more concerned about plants than they are about people.

“Whilst there…

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