Alin Suciu

Akademie Göttingen

The Digital Edition and Translation of the Coptic Old Testament at the Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Göttingen is dedicated to digitally describe, edit and analyse the transmission of the Coptic Old Testament with a focus on the Sahidic tradition. The long-term project has an opening for a (paid) internship, to be filled at the earliest possible date. This internship will give the successful applicant the opportunity to expand his or her knowledge about the Biblical tradition in Coptic and to receive further hands-on training in editorial methods, manuscript studies and digital humanities, as applied to the Coptic Bible and Coptic literature.

The intern will commit to working 30 hrs per week in a variety of tasks, which will depend on his or her experience and interests and the current Old Testament project focus. If pursuing a research project within the wider field of the Coptic Bible the intern…

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