Big promises and little promises

Church Set Free

How often when we have the promise of a good time, do we only anticipate our definition of a “good time” – that hormone racing anticipation of a “good time”? Everything else pales into insignificance … a lovely setting, the endearing conversation, special food and drink, the lightest of touches … all of “that” a prelude … a warm-up act for the “good time” a-coming!

And then the “good time” arrives.

And sometimes it is “very good” and sometime just “a time” and sometimes “was that it”? Now imagine commemorating that “good time” every year for ever more.  That one “good time” when it was really good – so they tell me.  Would it not nurture a sense of the “good old days” – the days that are no more.  That days when we “really lived” – unlike now.

And then there are the religious “good times” …

It was…

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