Sex, Secrecy and Stars in A Crooked and Depraved Generation


Any astute cultural observer of our ‘progressive’ culture will soon be able to see that the Bible’s description of us as ‘a crooked and depraved generation’ (Deuteronomy 32:5 cited by Paul in Philippians 2:15) is totally accurate.

I offer you the following evidence from the past couple of days.

Channel 4 have a ‘reality’ TV programme called Sex Box, in which people go into a box in front of a live TV audience to have sex and then come out and discuss it. No – I haven’t seen it. I have seen the clips and the whole concept is beyond disgusting. It shows the trivialization and dumbed down, ignorant and sinful nature of much of our contemporary culture.  It is a A New Low in British TV Culture  – but don’t worry I am sure we can, and will go lower still.

Of course there are people who love it…

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