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20 April 1298 Röttingen/Rintfleisch massacres begin #otdimjh


On April 20, 1298, the Jews of Roettingen (today in northern Bavaria) suffered the first of a series of massacres that spread through the region. Over the coming months, what came to be called the Rintfleisch massacres were perpetrated against the Jewish communities of 146 towns in Bavaria and Austria. They were the first significant anti-Semitic persecutions to take place in Europe since the First Crusade two centuries earlier. [reports David Green,Ha’aretz]

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The Rintfleisch massacres are named after the leader of the attacks known only by this epithet; Rindfleisch is the modern German spelling for the word beef, so there is speculation Rintfleisch was a butcher. The massacres were a response to a rumor of “host desecration.”


Like the blood-libel charges that began to surface a short time earlier — in which Jews allegedly killed a Christian to drain his blood…

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