Titanic Opportunities
By Guest Blogger,
Tyler Kokjohn


The emergence of Zika virus in the Americas has prompted swift actions by public health authorities to forestall a growing regional epidemic of potentially serious infections (1).  Because no vaccines or specific anti-viral treatments for Zika virus infections are available, proactive protection efforts focus on breaking the chain of transmission of this mosquito-borne virus to humans.  That involves getting rid of standing water and removing trash to eliminate mosquito breeding sites, careful use of repellents and insecticides and keeping window screens in good repair.  These simple actions are proven mosquito-borne disease prevention measures.

The Zika virus threat has produced an interesting opportunity for opinion leaders seeking to advance the acceptance and use of some new mosquito control methods (2).  Field tests have confirmed that mass releases of genetically modified mosquitoes can dramatically suppress disease vector populations and the use of GMO…

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