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21 April 2008 Messianic Jews Win Citizenship Victory in Israel #otdimjh

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 22.33.26 For decades, Israel has made it next to impossible for immigrant Messianic Jews, who affirm belief in Jesus as Messiah, to become citizens of Israel. (Christianity Today reports).Often, if Messianic believers disclosed their faith in ‘Yeshua,’ the name they use for Jesus, government authorities would reject their citizenship application.

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But last week, the Supreme Court of Israel, ruled on a case involved 12 Messianic Jews who sued the government Ministry of the Interior for their legal ‘right of return’ (and then to become citizens of Israel).


The court in its ruling said:

The parties have submitted to us the following notification:

“In their notification dated 13.04.08 the Respondents declared, that the fact that a person is a “Messianic Jew” has no bearing on an application according to Sec. 7 of the Law of Citizenship, as well as an…

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