Family Ministry is not “Family” Ministry

r e F o c u s

When you hear the words “family ministry” what comes to mind?  What did you picture in your head as you heard those words?  Many people tell me that when they think of family ministry, the first thing they picture is, well, a family – Dad, mom, kids… you get the idea.

americanfamiliesBut if I were to ask them (and you) to picture your family, what comes to mind? For some , that original picture doesn’t change much, but for the majority (at least according to the research and data) it looks a lot different.

For some there is only one parent in the picture; for others, step-parents and siblings enter the scene. Some have grandparents acting as caregivers or grandparents living in the home. Some have adopted family members and include people that are in no way related by blood, but considered family members nonetheless.

You see, language matters…

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