God Speaks More Effectually in the Soul Than to It

Learning To Be Full Of Grace And Truth.

It’s Fenelon Friday!

LETTER 39: God Speaks More Effectually in the Soul Than to It

Nothing gives me more satisfaction to see you living so simply and peacefully. Simplicity brings back the joys of Paradise. Not that we have pure pleasure without a moment’s suffering, but when we are surrendered to God, we are not grasping for pleasure, and even our troubles are received with thanksgiving. This inner harmony, and this deliverance from fear and the tormenting desires of self, create a satisfaction in the soul which is above all the intoxicating joys of this world put together. So be content to live, then, in the earthly paradise which God has prepared for you, and be careful not to leave it to satisfy the vain desire of knowing good and evil.

Do not give in to self pity when God permits you to be alone. We are never less alone…

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