Is Christianity Regressive? – Apologetics 101 -no.14

unnamedIs Christianity Regressive?  This is my latest post in the Christian Today series on Apologetics

So we have been talking about Jesus, the beginnings of the Church and its history, but what about today? Church was fine in the 19th Century and, in a kind of English country village way, in the 20th. But apart from a few redneck areas in the US, Northern Ireland, the Western Isles of Scotland and some backward parts of the world, isn’t it the case that modern humanity has just outgrown the need for God? The church is in its dying throes and the sooner we come to our senses the better. It’s a common perception but…

Is it what is really happening? John Gray, the atheist philosopher, mocks his fellow atheists’ rather unrealistic faith in this regard. He states that they believe that “the grand march of secular reason…

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