The Pastor’s Vindication (Jared Wilson)

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The Gospel CoalitionLA Chapter holds quarterly equipping meetings throughout the year. These meetings are a blessing for pastors who are looking for encouragement and have practical ministry questions as they fight on the front lines. On April 19, we met at Sovereign Grace Pasadena and Jared Wilson came to talk to us about The Pastor’s Vindication and The Church’s Validation.

His talks were a combo of excerpts from his books and his blog. So I wanted to share some content from that day in a couple posts.

Jared uses 1 Peter 5:1-4 as a springboard for principles about shepherding and how to fight burnout. This is my summary of some of what was said.

Pastors Wanting Pity: Sometimes pastors feel the need to be pitied because of the weight and burden of their job. Those outside pastoral ministry cannot understand the weight of ministry. They don’t realize…

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