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24 April 1906 Amsterdam Conference on Jewish Evangelism debates Messianic Judaism #otdimjh

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The International Jewish Missionary Conference of 1906

“In April of 1906, an International Jewish Missionary Conference (IJMC) was held in Amsterdam. This event would not only impact the Jews of Holland, but would have an effect upon all those countries where missionary work among the Jewish people was being carried out. The International Jewish Missionary Conferences, of which this was the seventh, were conceived by Franz Delitzsch and Hermann Strack along with other [405] Christian leaders who felt that there needed to be greater cooperation among the missions to the Jews.

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Mitch Glaser gives a report of the conference in his PhD thesis, “A Survey of Missions to the Jews” (404-408):

“The IJMC developed regular triennial meetings. The first and second conferences were held in Berlin, the third at Barmen, the fourth at Leipzig; the fifth at Cologne, the…

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