Crux Sola


Last summer I got to spend a bit of time with my friend George Guthrie (Union University). I passed by George’s desk at Tyndale House and I was immediately struck by how well-organized he was, and he seemed to have an efficient system for research. Now it is time for George to share his “ways” with the world! Thanks, George!

NKG: How do you approach research as a whole? Do you have a big-picture strategy? Do your research all at once, and then write? Do you do some sketching and reflecting on paper and then dig into research? Do you go back and forth?

The method of research depends somewhat on the type of project. My larger project at the moment is a commentary on Philippians for the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary series.

I begin by translating and diagramming the next passage in the book, doing a good bit of primary source study, checking word meanings, for instance, in the book, broader NT, LXX, Philo, etc. The nice…

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