“The Lord is my shepherd…” – Psalm 23:1a NKJV

“When David, who was a warrior, minstrel, and ambassador for God, searched for an illustration of God, he remembered his days as a shepherd. He remembered how he lavished attention on the sheep day and night…and the way he cared for them reminded him of the way God cares for us. David rejoiced to say, ‘The Lord is my shepherd,’ and in so doing he proudly implied, ‘I am his sheep.’”

– Max Lucado, “Traveling Light”

“‘The Lord is my shepherd’…implies a profound yet practical working relationship between a human being and his Maker. It links a lump of clay to divine destiny-it means a mere mortal becomes the cherished object of divine diligence.”

– W. Phillip Keller, “A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23”

Are you content to be a “sheep”, or do you struggle with wanting to be recognized as…

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