4 May 1877 Death of Pauli, Trinitarian Kabbalist #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

4 May 1877 “The Great Mystery, or How can Three be One?” Author’s Death #otdimjh


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Zevi Nasi Hirsch Prinz (aka Rev. Christian William Henry Pauli.) was the author of this most popular and much reprinted work demonstrating the Trinity from the Jewish mystical tradition. Just who was he? Here is Bernstein’s summary:

Pauli's signature

Pauli, Rev. C. W. H., was born in Breslau in 1800 and was named Zebi Nasi Hirsch Prince. His father who was a rabbi, gave him a thorough rabbinic education. Already at the age of 21, being then a religious teacher, he published “Sermons for Pious Israelites,” in which he emphasized the teaching of the Bible rather than that of the Talmud. Whilst thus endeavouring to teach pure Mosaism he came in contact with the L.J.S. missionary, C. G. Petri of Detmold, and received from him a New Testament, of which he began to make use in his…

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