Joseph Campbell and the Humanities

The Biblical Review

joseph_campbellJoseph Campbell is important to people as a guide to approaching stories and myth because he focuses on the underlying spirituality of humanity. Some historians and actors utilize his model made famous by The Power of Myth. It is valuable because it allows people to find the significance of age old myths and consider how they are relevant to themselves. Yet, often times people can become so focused on approaching myth via Joseph Campbell’s guidance that they miss other opportunities and avenues to interpret, understand, and internalize myths and stories.

In examining the nature of Campbell’s The Power of Myth, Daniel Gorman Jr. aptly notes that Campbell’s work is a mixture of subjective, personal philosophy and empirical theories on the history of religions. Consequently, his is able to weave “these  competing theories and personal anecdotes into a remarkably coherent discourse” [1]. So while his work is valuable as…

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