On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

6 May 1950 Catholic and Protestant theologians work to renounce supersessionism #otdimjh


A work-group of Evangelical and Roman Catholic theologians met, May 6-8, 1950, at Bad Schwalbach, called together by the Hesse Council for Jewish-Christian Cooperation and the German Coordinating Committee for Christians and Jews.


Martin Buber’s house (1916–38) in Heppenheim, Germany. Now the headquarters of the International Council of Christians and Jews.

They worked over the Ten Points of Seelisberg and produced “Theses on Christian Doctrinal Pronouncement with regard to continuing errors about the People of God of the Old Covenant”. (Theses 1-5 corresponded to the first five Seelisberg points; theses 6-8 to points 6-10 in altered succession.) These elaborations were offered for study as points which every believing Christian can make his own without conflicting with “some ecclesiastical doctrinal decree of his own confession”.


These are the more important points presented:

“1) ,This one God is the God of…

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