The Scottish Elections – Results, Analysis and Moderator’s Letter to the First Minister


The Scottish Election results are in – and they are fascinating.  I have written to the First Minister to pass on our prayerful good wishes (see the letter below).  The new Scottish Parliament will be made up of 63 SNP MSPs, 31 Conservative MSPs, 24 Labour MSPs, six Green MSPs and five Lib Dem MSPs.

Ten points of interest:

  1. The SNP have once again done an extraordinary thing – becoming the governing party for a third time, winning over 46.5% of the vote in the constituencies and 41% in the list vote.  In a five party system that is extraordinary.
  2. Despite this they will be a minority government – falling two short of the 65 required.   This is good for Scottish democracy and will end the jibes about Scotland becoming a one party state.   It also shows the advantages of a PR system.  If it were first past the…

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