What Happens When Christians Forget Apologetics is Not Evangelism


Over the years, I have run into alot of Christians that tell me they tried to use apologetics arguments with their friends or skeptical family members only to realize the person never came to faith in our Lord. In other words they say “I have tried using apologetics with people and it doesn’t work.” So once again, they walk away frustrated and say they have lost motivation to study apologetics. This isn’t always the case.  I have seen many testimonies of those that use apologetics to great success. But to those who are frustrated, let me clarify something: apologetics is not evangelism. Yes there is some overlap between apologetics and evangelism. But let’s see what  Mark Dever’s says in his book The Gospel and Personal Evangelism. I appreciate these comments about the relationship between evangelism and apologetics. There can be a tendency to confuse them. Dever says:

“People mistake apologetics for evangelism…

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