7 May 1948 Hebrew Christians leave Palestine #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

7 May 1948 Second stage of “Operation Mercy” – Evacuation of Hebrew Christians from Palestine #otdimjh


The term “Operation Mercy” or “Operation Grace” is used for the evacuation of Hebrew Christians in April and May 1948, when one hundred or more individuals left Palestine at the termination of the British Mandate. Those who organized this operation, Christians as well as Hebrew Christians (not least those affiliated with the International Hebrew Christian Alliance), believed that through the grace of God they had “saved” these persons from imminent danger.


Others who remained in Israel, both Hebrew Christians and Christians, believed that the evacuation was not only unnecessary but constituted treason against the grace of God that came to expression in the establishment of the State of Israel; not only did the evacuated Hebrew Christians show cowardice, they were also “unfaithful.”

Just as there was much disagreement in 1948, when the events surrounding Operation…

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