March 2016 Ministry Update: Frontline Apologetics

Frontline Apologetics

3-8-16 Burton and Eastern
Out of News Papers, Berries and Cherries, the professing Christian’s, a new tool, and a group of servants
62° and partly cloudy, a nice change from the 20° weather we’ve had out recently smile emoticon
We read from Romans 5:1-11
The Team: Myself, Joel, Sean, Bryan, and Craig.
Well, it’s been some time. Due to my family moving into another home, illness, inclement Michigan winter weather, and doctors orders, we have not been out in t h email Open Air for 3 weeks. This does NOT mean we stopped evangelizing. Open Air preaching and tract distribution is not the only form of evangelism. As Christians we should be organically sharing the Gospel anyhow. This means in our daily lives such as at work, with friends, family, at church, the grocery store, with neighbors, etc. The great commission does not require a ministry or a particular day…

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