Rick Brannan

P45_Matthieu_25.41-46Last Friday (May 6, 2016), I had the privilege of being a guest on Michael S. Heiser’s Naked Bible Podcast. Still not sure when the episode will air (look for show #99, hopefully soon!) but I wanted to share some of the notes I threw together (emphasis on “threw”) for the show.

Mike asked me to give a sketch of the historical periods that make up the development of the Greek New Testament. Below is the very rough outline I put together as notes for the show. Mike asked me to concentrate a bit more on the 18th-20th centuries as he planned to chat particularly about KJV-only approaches to textual criticism.

If the outline is useful, great. If you find stuff that’s wrong or perhaps a little generalized, that’s OK too. These aren’t hard-and-fast periods. This is really the product of about an hour of just brain-dumping. Feel free to comment…

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