Free Will – What’s the Point?


In the midst of “reading” for school, I’ve been perusing Scott Christensen’s What About Free Will? Reconciling Our Choices with God’s Sovereignty. Within Christian circles, discussions (more like two cats fighting in a trash can) about how God’s sovereignty does or does not impose upon our free will come from two main parties: Arminianism and Calvinism. Christensen’s book orbits around this debate:

  • Libertarianism (think “liberty”) is generally held by Arminians.
  • Compatibilism is generally held by Calvinists.

My next posts will focus on these two views, but I first want to look at how (not ‘if’) having a proper perspective on God’s sovereignty and our free will matters to our Christian life*.

  • Sorting out God’s role and our role in matters of salvation.
  • Making sense of how regeneration, conversion, and sanctification work.
  • Understanding how we should engage in evangelism and discipleship.
  • Building greater confidence in God’s providential purposes for both history and our individual lives.

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