On the Pre-Scientific Nature of the Old Testament.

Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy


People often read modern science into the Bible; something that is a problem according to Christian Old Testament professor Peter Enns (1). But that is hugely problematic for the “science” of the biblical writers was ancient; it reflected what they believed in in their time. For example, according to Genesis creatures didn’t evolve but were made by God as we see them, the world was flat (probably a round disk). Even above the Earth was a solid dome held up by pillars (mountains) which held back the “waters above” (the blue sky). And above all of these things was God’s throne. And below these things was the place of the dead called “Sheol.”

Today, however, we understand that the universe is bigger and operates quite differently to how our ancient biblical writers thought it did. Many Christians stumble over this because they think that to show the Bible is God’s word…

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