The Tate, the Establishment and the Free Church

y10ldz6usowaubsfyv8gxcz6j72o74The Tate (British, Modern, Liverpool and St Ives) is at the very heart of the British arts establishment. The Tate British is a fantastic place to visit and has many interesting and stimulating exhibitions. Last night I was there to represent the Free Church at the opening of a new exhibition entitled “Painting with Light – Art and Photography from the Pre-Raphaelites to the Modern Age”.

Why was the Free Church invited? Because we have loaned them one of our great treasures – Octavius Hill’s Disruption painting which was really the first such painting to be based on photographs. As such it had pride of place in the first room of the exhibition. It is only the second time it has been out of Scotland – normally it has pride of place in the Presbytery Hall of the Free Church offices on the Mound. (The story was covered in…

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