Forgiveness For Your Invisible Sins Matters

Samaritan's Song

Every now and then, someone’s private sins blow up in public.

I witnessed it a while back when I taught at a previous church’s Vacation Bible School under the direction of the children’s ministry director there.  She was a Southern Baptist tornado of a woman, all perfectly-manicured nails and a Southern drawl and an immaculate blowout.  Her husband was affable and friendly, an integral member of the men’s Bible studies at the church.  They had three polite, cheerful children.

And then the cracks started to show.

She was caught having an affair with one of the church’s deacons.  There were mumblings of marriage counseling and pastoral counseling.  The church was shocked – and then one week later the entire congregation sat stupefied as the now-former children’s ministry director dropped her children off with her soon-to-be ex-husband, served him with divorce papers, and then took off that day to live with…

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