Is Christianity Homophobic? Christian Today Apologetics 101 – No.15

This article first appeared on Christian Today  You can read the full original by clicking the link


The bookstore in Glasgow was packed. The talk on science and the Christian faith went well. The time came for questions. The bookstore manager was desperate to be first – “What do you think about homosexuality?”.

“Why are you asking me that?” I replied. “This is a discussion on science and faith. Are you really interested in what I think, or are you just making an accusation – ‘why are you such a homophobe?'” The bookstore manager smiled ruefully and agreed that it was the latter. It is an experience I have had up and down the country. No matter the subject or the age group, the question is probably one of the top three I am asked. It is clearly one that is a stumbling block to many people, and is…

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