As I said last time, I’ve been reading Scott Christensen’s What About Free Will? which revolves around the two main sides of the free will debate:

  • Libertarianism (think “liberty”) is generally held by Arminians.
  • Compatibilism is generally held by Calvinists.

I will take a brief look at what libertarianism is and at the biblical support for it.

To Be Free, or Not to Be?

“In the libertarian scheme, to be free is to be unhinged from any power, any force, and any thought that might dictate what you should do. You must have the power to exercise indifference to all alternative possibilities. In order to love, you must have the equal and neutrally disposed capacity to hate. In order to give, you must also be able to take away. In order to tell the truth, you must also be able to tell a lie. Without this…

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