Transforming freedom


“…your tranquil yes to the changing over into the formless void of the unlimited.”
Hermann Hesse

(a St John’s Wort blossom / Julie Cook / 2016)

“No longer is the universe subjected to the law of death out of birth.
It is subjected to a higher law,
to the law of life out of death by the death of him who represented eternal life.
Tombs were opened and bodies were raised when one man in whom God was present without limit committed his spirit into his Father’s hands.
Since this moment the universe is no longer what it was;
nature has received another meaning;
history is transformed and you and I are no more,
and should not be anymore, what we were before.”

Paul Tillich, excerpt from A Cosmic Cross

One of the central themes in Christianity, as well as for being a Christian, is that of transformation.
Of being…

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