Following Scott Christensen’s What About Free Will?, last time I looked at libertarianism and its biblical support.

  • Libertarianism (think “liberty”) is generally held by Arminians.
  • Compatibilism is generally held by Calvinists.

I will take a brief look at what compatibilism is and at the biblical support for it.


Compatibilism holds

“that divine determinism [that God determines everything]is compatible with human free will. There is a dual explanation for every choice that humans make. God determines human choices, yet every person freely makes his or her own choices. God’s causal power is exercised so that he never coerces people to choose as they do, yet they always choose according to his sovereign plan. People are free when they voluntarily choose according to their most compelling desires and as long as their choices are made in an unhindered way. While God never hinders one’s choices…

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