The word wide web

The Lions Den

Sooooo, the common spider who spins a web to snag his daily bread, how long did it take him to read the instructions for constructing such a masterpiece?

Image result for spider's web

Surely the little fella would starve to death before he could figure out how to utilize a design so intricate as a web, which brings into play angles, weight, orientation, time of day, cover, and just about all around ingenuity.

Hmm, quite the dilemma for some. Was the wiring to build innate before his birth? Did he learn it while in the womb of his mother? Was it taught to him by his father out in the shop? Did he copy the design from a neighboring spider, and say, ‘I can do that?’ Strange then eh, how a spider ten thousand miles apart, while not able to communicate with his kin, and while never meeting, would build an identical web.

The spider’s…

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