Women Who Proclaim the Good News

Dr. Claude Mariottini - Professor of Old Testament

Psalm 68 has been difficult for scholars to analyze because its genre is debated. Most scholars believe that the psalm was written to celebrate a great military victory. According to the writer of Psalm 68, this great victory happened because of God’s intervention on behalf of the army of Israel.

In order to write the psalm, the biblical writer used words and phrases that are found in other songs which were composed to celebrate military victories by Israel against their enemies. For instance, the opening verse of Psalm 68 is a quotation of the Song of the Ark found in Numbers 10:35.

Psalm 68:1 says: “Let God rise up, let his enemies be scattered; let those who hate him flee before him.” Numbers 10:35 says: “Arise, O LORD, let your enemies be scattered, and your foes flee before you.” In Numbers 10:35 Moses calls on God in order to assure…

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