20 May 2015 “The Dagger of Faith” #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

20 May 2015 First Pugio Fidei Doctoral Dissertation defended #otdimj

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Raymundus Martini[2] was an innovative missionary preacher and Dominican monk who spent his life engaged in debate and apologetics with Jews and Moslems in 13th century Spain.

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His major work, the Pugio Fidei (“Dagger of Faith”) has been the major source, both acknowledged or plagiarised, of apologetic material for Jewish evangelism, up to the present day.[3] Martini developed in detail and systematised a new methodology in Jewish-Christian encounter that had been introduced by Paulus Christiani in his 1963 debate with Nachmanides.[4] Arthur Lukyn Williams, author of Christian Evidences for the Jewish People, a major 20th century work of apologetics, wrote: “It is to be much wished that an abbreviated edition of the PF were published, incorporating the Jewish quotations, with some of Voisin’s notes, and adding notes and explanations more suitable to our own day. It would…

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