Samaritan's Song

When I was young, my mother got me a book: Proverbs For Kids From The Book (of which, I am delighted to see, used copies are still being sold!)   It is a kids’ book that basically explains the proverbs in understandable language and with joyous little cartoon caricatures of “wisdom,” “joy,” and “peace.”

That book was my first real connection with the Bible in a meaningful way: something that met me where I was at, that I understood and took to heart and attempted to apply to my life, that let me wield the Word on a personal level.  And as I grew, my connection to the Word evolved because I was blessed with opportunities and keen teachers around me: I learned simple verses in Vacation Bible School, did in-depth studies of Scripture with my leaders in Sunday School, and memorized Scripture in my Bible class.

The result is that…

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