Praying for Your Judas

Matthew Winters (Honest Thoughts from a Pastor)

We all have someone who has betrayed us. It may be a coworker, spouse, parent, sibling, “best friend”, etc. It is interesting that the one who betrayed Jesus was hand-picked by Jesus to be one of the twelve. It is also interesting that the betrayer was Jesus’ treasurer. In certain churches, I have learned to watch out for church treasurers. Anyway… Jesus chose Judas, knowing well that Judas would be the betrayer who would lead to His death. Jesus also knew that His death and resurrection would be the only way to provide salvation and forgiveness to all who will place their faith and trust in Him.

So what do we do with the Judases of our life? Hold a grudge? Remain bitter? Neither option is helpful. Jesus told us to pray for our enemies. Getting started hurts. I mean I would rather make myself throw up than do that…

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