Christiana on the narrow way


Cyprian, third-century Christian martyr, and Bishop of Carthage, paid high tribute to Scripture. “The names which he gives to the Scriptures testify to his reverence for them. They are ‘Divine Scripture,’ ‘precepts of the Gospel,’ ‘Divine commands,’ ‘Sacred Scriptures,’ ‘Scriptures from heaven,’ ‘precepts of the Divine Law,’ ‘wells of divine fulness,’ ‘voices of the Lord’. . . . The formulae of quotations are varied, and the several phrases are used apparently with entire impartiality. ‘The Lord Himself saith in the twelve Prophets.’ ‘The Holy Spirit declares and saith through Isaiah.’ ‘The Divine Scripture saith.’ ‘The Holy Spirit declares in the Psalms.’ ‘Solomon, inspired by the Holy Spirit, testifies.’ ‘Paul, filled with the grace of the Master’s inspiration.’ ‘The words which God speaks.’ . . . 

Harold Lindsell quoting

George Duncan Barry quoting


“Infallibility in the Church,” The Battle For The Bible, Zondervan, 1976, p. 50. 


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