What We’re Reading: May 15th-20th

JHI Blog

Here are a few interesting articles and pieces we found around the web this week. If you come across something that other intellectual historians might enjoy, please let us know in the comments section.


Mary Beard, “Life in Ruins” (TLS)

Lucy Ives, “How Archival Fiction Upends our View of History” (New Yorker)

John Banville, “Surrounded by Jew-Haters” (NYRB)

Robert Greene II, “Reading and the Career of a Historian” (USIH Blog)


Patrick Bahners, »Ein Alliierter der Vernunft: zum Tod von Fritz Stern« (FAZ)

John Banville, “Surrounded by Jew-Haters” (New York Review of Books)

Nick Hopwood, “Copying Pictures, Evidencing Evolution” (Public Domain Review)

Felix Philipp Ingold, »Schwierige Freundschaft: Paul Celan im Briefwechsel mit René Char« (Neue Zürcher Zeitung)

Jeton Neziraj, “Balkans and Beyond: Books that burn on piles of Wood” (Café Babel)

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