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22 May 1966 Harcourt Samuel reflects on 100 years of the Hebrew Christian Alliance of Great Britain #otdimjh

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Talk given by Rev. Harcourt Samuel, O.B.E. (Office of the Order of the British Empire, and the IHCS Executive Secretary) at the centenary celebration of the Hebrew Christian Alliance of Great Britain (now British Messianic Jewish Alliance).

[Harcourt Samuel was the son of Elijah Bendor-Samuel, Director of the Messianic Testimony after David Baron. Harcourt was General Secretary of the International Hebrew Christian Alliance (now IMJA) and Pastor of Ramsgate Baptist Church ,1934-49 and of Birchington Baptist Church, 1951-78. He was Mayor of Ramsgate.]

The 22nd May 1966, has long been a red-letter day in our diaries, for it marks the Centenary of the oldest of the Hebrew Christian Alliances that are now found in all parts of the world, that in Great Britain. It goes without saying that this special anniversary will be…

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