Back to the Future – the 2009 General Assembly


In 2009 I was the editor of The Record.  As such I wrote a commentary on the Church of Scotland General Assembly of that year in which I argued that it was the beginning of the end for the C of S.  I doubt that there is an article that I have received a stronger backlash to -especially from some evangelicals who thought it was way too pessimistic, out of touch and not recognising what they were doing to take over the Kirk.  Even some within the Free Church thought I had gone too far.  People wrote of how they had been ‘hurt’ and how I just did not understand, that I was being denominational and just plain wrong.   Much as it would have been humbling (not a bad thing!) to have been wrong, I had hoped that I would have been proved to be wrong.  But yesterdays events show different…

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