An Apology To Catholics, Or, A Meditation On Denominational Divisions

Samaritan's Song

When I was in high school, I knew a girl whom I will call S.

S. was quiet and shy, and she was a part of the friend-circle of Christian girls that I knew back then; I was fond of her and admired her peaceful manner.  So one day, when I was speaking about her to another acquaintance of mine who did not know her, this is what I said:

“And you know, she’s a really great Christian!  I mean, even though she’s Catholic.”

Cringe.  I thought I was giving a compliment at the time.  My understanding of Catholicism was vague and involved mostly the ideas of saints and confessionals; Catholics themselves seemed hopelessly alien to me, their worship and faith practices worthy of skepticism.  In short, I was not quite convinced that they were Doing The Christianity Thing Right, whereas I was fairly certain I was Doing The Christianity…

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