Five Fun Ways to Keep Church and Family Connected All Summer Long

r e F o c u s

As the summer months roll in, everything changes. Normal routines are jostled free from their rut and suddenly the calendar is filled with words like “vacation” and “beach” and “camping” and “reunion”. Weekends taste like burgers and watermelon and smell like grills and campfires. The days last longer and the nights invite star-gazing and drive-ins.

It’s a different rhythm. 

And in that rhythm some things that characterize the regular schedule of a family during the rest of the year, like bedtimes and limits on sweet treats, fall to the wayside. For those who attend church, it can also lead to what I call “Summer’s Dilemma” where sometimes there is a tension between choosing time with family or choosing to go to church (read more about that here).

Some churches have come to recognize that tension exists and have begun to seek ways to engage the families and…

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