Do we walk in faith?

Just me being curious

As part of preparing for a service next month, a theme came through the lectionary verses for that Sunday:

Do we walk in faith, or do we walk in “faith-that-we-can-see”?

Is our faith “faith” – or has it become a watered-down version of that life-changing-moment when we each “gave our lives (back) to God!”? And do we now “see” and “assess” what is possible – secure in the belief that we have life eternal awaiting us (when this sinful life ceases)?

Have we given up the fire and settled for the warm glow of dying embers? And just why is so much of church life a requiem for “how things used to be” – the good old days when all the pews were filled and God was great!

Because I did some sums and found something quite strange: The population of my locale is at least nine times bigger than the…

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