Samaritan's Song

I heard the roar of the lawnmower before I saw it.

The Department of Natural Resources Parks & Rec is responsible for the upkeep of the trails near my apartment.  What this means is that every so often I run across a state employee sitting atop a Colossus of a mower, cutting grass away from the sides of the path so that ticks, critters, and problematic flora don’t bother the walkers.

Usually they roll right on by without noticing me.  Today, though, the man mowing – wearing safety glasses and ear protection and his bright orange safety vest – stopped the lawnmower right in the middle of the road as I rounded the bend.  I paused.  “Is it okay to pass?” I wondered, assuming they were doing work on the trail beyond.

“Oh, yeah!” he answered, and gestured to the mower.  “I just didn’t want to get grass on you…

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